Organic Herbs

Herbs & Spices:

We offer over 400 herbal products from around the world. We are committed to organic and wildcrafted herbs and providing the best quality herbs possible. Premier Herbal’s Herbs & Spices are not genetically engineered and are not irradiated herbs.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils:

Genuine aromatherapy treatments rely on the use of highly concentrated essential oils extracted from healing herbs that provide therapeutic benefits in treating the body. The oils generally work in two ways: through the body chemistry and the nervous system. Premier Herbal’s Essential Oils are 100% pure and contain no added water, alcohol or extenders. We offer only the highest quality essential oils, obtained from reliable suppliers around the world.

Essential Oils

Vitamins & Supplements:

We offer the finest ingredients available to provide the best nutritional value. All of our vitamins and supplements are laboratory tested to meet the quality control standards for potency and purity.

How It Works

Herb plants produce and contain a variety of chemical compounds that act upon the body and are used to prevent and treat disease and promote health and well-being. Herbal medicine prescribes a combination of leaves, flowers, stems, berries and roots of plants in a set ratio to prevent, relieve and treat illness. From a scientific perspective, many herbal treatments are considered experimental; however, the reality is that herbal medicine has a long and respected history. Many familiar medications of the twentieth century were developed from ancient healing traditions that treated health problems with specific plants. Modern scientific technologies have been able to isolate the medicinal properties of a large number of herbs, as well as extract and analyze their healing components. In fact up to 25% of modern medicines are based on plant origins: Aspirin, Quinine and Digitalis, for example, are well known.